Fixes in the 2023-11-28 release

This update does not include updated client packages.

  • Added many compatibility fixes for the Fedora 39 environment.

  • Source builds (building SRPMs from forges, etc.) no longer communicate with the copr-keygen instance. This change aims to speed up overall build processing and resolve a race condition between “key-pair preparation” and the signing of the first “srpm build” products which used to fail in some cases.

  • Resubmitting a Custom build now copies additional external per-build repositories into the new build.

  • Default maximum configurable time for temporary projects is now set to 2 years (previously 2 months).

  • When a build chroot ends up in the “skipped” state, web-UI now documents the reasons for the skip.

  • The “priority” field for per-project repositories is now better explained in the web UI form.

  • The “priority” field in repositories is now also included in the dnf5 copr enable repo files.

  • The repository pruning script no longer fails for directories lacking the ./repodata subdirectory. This typically indicates a previous createrepo_c failure. The now runs createrepo_c itself to create the missing ./repodata directory. createrepo_c failed previously for any reason.

  • The new version implemented a more granular per-architecture/per-user limit for applying finer-grained FUP (Fair Usage Policy).

  • The new version brings an improved detection and handling of stalled SSH connections to builders.