Highlights from 2022-06-22 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 35, Fedora 36, EPEL 7, EPEL 8, and EPEL 9 Bodhi updates.

Better build badges in Pagure

For a long time, Copr supports automatical rebuilds for pull requests in any Pagure instance. We enhanced the information that is sent back to Pagure, and show package names for each build displayed in the PR. This is especially useful for projects with multiple packages.

Resalloc WebUI

We took inspiration from the OBS Monitor page and created a page that shows statistics about available builder pools (e.g., how many x86_64 builders are up and running in Amazon AWS, how many s390x builders are in IBM Cloud, etc) and also a page listing all available builders and who is using them.

Notable changes

  • It is now possible to specify chroot_denylist for a package via APIv3

  • Stomp 6.1+ support for our fedora-messaging package

  • The long-time deprecated action copr-cli buildfedpkg is now removed

  • Improvements to error handling and logging to make debugging and occasional security-related investigations easier


  • Fixed APIv3 call for listing all projects - it tracebacked for projects with no active chroots

  • #2082 - Because of a mistake in our database schema, see #617, it was possible to stuck CI builds in an infinitely running state.

  • #2194 - The make_srpm SCM method stopped working because of the safe directories feature introduced by a new git version.

  • #2094 - Copr-specific macros %copr_username, %copr_projectname are now defined also in a SRPM buildroot

  • #2098 - When branching a new Fedora version, we now make sure to create a repository even if there are no builds

  • #2130 - The original committish value is now used when resubmitting a build

  • #2163 - The SCM method now uses git clone --recursive to clone the repositories

  • #2131, #2133 - If not successful, we attempt to create project GPG keys, and sign built RPM packages multiple times.

  • packit/1386 - The networking is now by default disabled when submitting builds via python3-copr library. The default was changed to match the behavior of the WebUI and copr-cli