Developer Documentation

This section contains information about developer topics. You may also be interested in User Documentation and Downloads.


Copr comes in several pieces. You can browse the source here:

Working with the code

  • How to install How to Install - Copr is intended as service. You most likely do not want to set up your own instance. But if you really want to, Copr set up is documented here.
  • Contribute How to Contribute - Do you want to help us? Start here.
  • Git Guide Git Guide – how to work with Git, the source control of choice for Copr
  • Patch process – how to go about creating a new patch and submitting it to the mailing list
  • Building package – how to build Copr itself
  • Database schema
  • Documentation of python code - most up-to-date documentation are in copr-frontend-doc and copr-backend-doc packages.


SRPM URL/Upload build schema

Here is an example of how building process goes (for the simplest case of SRPM build) in COPR:


Note that we need to figure out whether CoprDistGit is actually still needed in the COPR architecture. That’s why the lines are dotted there. It is still present in the current architecture though.