Developer Documentation

This section contains information about developer topics. You may also be interested in User Documentation and Downloads.


Copr comes in several pieces. You can browse the source here:

Working with the code

  • How to install How to Install - Copr is intended as service. You most likely do not want to set up your own instance. But if you really want to, Copr set up is documented here.
  • Contribute How to Contribute - Do you want to help us? Start here.
  • Git Guide Git Guide – how to work with Git, the source control of choice for Copr
  • Patch process – how to go about creating a new patch and submitting it to the mailing list
  • Building package – how to build Copr itself
  • How to release Copr – how to release Copr
  • Database schema
  • Documentation of python code - most up-to-date documentation are in copr-frontend-doc and copr-backend-doc packages.