Highlights from 2023-04-05 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 36, Fedora 37, Fedora 38, EPEL 7, EPEL 8, and EPEL 9 Bodhi updates.

Disable AppStream for existing Copr projects

We decided to disable AppStream metadata generation for all projects excluding those mentioned in this Fedora discussion due to a very high I/O demand of the appstream-builder tool which causes failures in builds even for medium-sized projects. If you want to enable generating AppStream data for your project (with a relatively high chance of a random build failure due to a timeout), please go to project settings and enable it back. (#2577)

Fixing slow searching in Fedora Copr projects

Searching in Copr was slow and often timeout. We discussed options to switch to another search engine since our current search engine whoosh seemed to be slow. We managed to speed up the search speed. (#2534)

Running createrepo_c without --database

Previously, we used to run createrepo_c with --database option, which we do not need (see discussion in #1171). Now we decided to not create SQLite databases and run createrepo_c with --no-database option to save some space. (#2570)

Notable changes

  • Previously, when you uploaded src.rpm to be built in non-enabled chroot, Copr emitted an error after the upload of src.rpm. Now we check the chroot before you upload the src.rpm. (#2524)

  • We introduced a new cli command copr get which returns detailed information about desired project. (#2582)

  • copr download-build command is getting new --review option which downloads only fedora-review files (#2584)

  • copr create has new option --follow-fedora-branching with which you can turn follow-fedora-branching on or off in your project. (#2545)


  • #2519 - Fix sorting builds by build time in Web UI

  • #984 - Disallow forking too large Copr projects

  • #2538 - Don’t branch armhfp chroots

  • #2523 - Allow cron automation to remove builds

  • #2532 - Rubygem rebuild button redirects into an edit page

  • #2567 - SRPM result directory has invalid path

  • #2585 - copr-distgit-client sources` fails when the ``sources file contains an empty line

  • #2652 - Dealing with python-rpkg incompatibilities #1

  • #2600 - Dealing with python-rpkg incompatibilities #2

  • #2516 - Anitya: dont rebuild already running jobs

  • #2542 - Fix config files installation pattern