Highlights from 2021-06-16 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 34, Fedora 33, EPEL 8 and EPEL 7 Bodhi updates.

Users can disable generating appstream metadata for their projects

It was possible to disable the generation of appstream metadata for quite some time, but it required contacting Copr maintainers to create a special file within the project results. There is now an option in the project settings, and users can disable/enable the appstream metadata generation by themselves.

Query built RPM results via API

We added two API endpoints for obtaining build results (the NEVRAs of built RPM packages). You can query build results from a specific build-chroot

from copr.v3 import Client

client = Client.create_from_config_file()
response = client.build_chroot_proxy.get_built_packages(123, "fedora-rawhide-x86_64")

And you can also query build results from all chroots within one build

client = Client.create_from_config_file()
response = client.build_proxy.get_built_packages(123)

Pull request CoprDirs are automatically deleted after inactivity

Copr supports webhooks and automatically builds packages from PRs within an upstream project. Such builds were kept indefinitely, and the user interface could get cluttered. We now automatically delete all PR-related content after 40 days of inactivity in that pull request. This should not be a problem for long-term unfinished PRs because once the work is resumed, everything will be rebuilt in Copr again.

This feature is now paused, and we’ll re-enable it by the end of June. In the meantime, please update your pull-requests to prolong your existing builds (the red-labeled build-filtering buttons denote builds that would be otherwise already removed).

Worth noting


  • #1422 - We now remove all leftovers after uploading SRPM packages and therefore we shouldn’t encounter issues with insufficient space on the frontend when uploading large SRPM packages.

  • #1431 - The uploaded comps.xml file is now properly placed into the repodata.

  • #1539 - Source status of forked builds is now correctly in the forked state

  • #1633 - DistGit builds from src.fedoraproject.org can now be submitted even from forked projects. Simply specify a namespace like so forks/churchyard.

  • #1724 - We added a script for notifying old chroots that passed unnoticed and run it to mark EOL everything that should be.

  • #1737 - Link to fedora-review result is now shown only for Fedora chroots.

  • #1823 - We now ensure that redhat-rpm-config and *rpm-macros packages are now always up-to-date on builders.