Highlights from 2022-09-21 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 35, Fedora 36, Fedora 37, EPEL 7, EPEL 8, and EPEL 9 Bodhi updates.

All APIv2 code removed

In accordance with the APIv1 and APIv2 deprecation schedule. The last bits of APIv2 were removed from the codebase and as consequence, Copr service will no longer understand your APIv2 calls.

RPM download statistics

Fedora Copr build results have been served through the AWS CloudFront “proxy” for some time already. So it’s been a bit harder task to calculate the RPM download numbers (RHBZ 1483218).

The previous release brought several enhancements and fixes for the stats calculation mechanism but it wasn’t quite enough. This release comes with some final follow-ups. We are hoping to start counting the RPM downloads shortly after.

Minor UI improvements

  • In the project settings, the “Edit” button will now show only for enabled chroots

  • The build detail page now shows the build timeout value

  • If a build is a part of a batch, the detail page now shows a link for it

  • The user detail page now shows a link for the /user/repositories/


  • #2294 - Show correct distribution images based on their OS family

  • #2293, RHBZ 2081915 - Fixed copr-frontend FTBFS for F37/Rawhide

  • RHBZ 2113156 - Fixed copr-keygen FTBFS for F37/Rawhide