Highlights from 2022-02-03 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 35, Fedora 34, EPEL 8, and EPEL 7 Bodhi updates.

Removing unused tarballs

We automatized removing all tarballs in the package lookaside directory except for tarballs that are referenced by the latest commit of each branch in the package git directory.

More human-readable validation errors in APIv3

We changed the error messages in APIv3 because not all of them were completely human-readable. Previously we showed something like a dictionary. This changed to string which better shows what was wrong.

Basic build tagging

We needed per-mock-chroot tag propagated to builds, as we have two kinds of the ppc64le builders. Power8 machines (might be used for building Fedora and older Enterprise Linux chroots), and Power9 (can be used for Enterprise Linux 9+, but also other/older chroots). The point here is to never assign Power8 machine for the EL 9 chroot build task. For this, we need to have a special tag and a correspondingly tagged resalloc resources. As the result, this allowed us to add epel-9-ppc64le and centos-stream-9-ppc64le chroots.

Webhook rebuilds are background jobs now

We run webhook rebuilds as background jobs now. In the future, we’d like to have an option in the webhook URL to let users decide if they prefer background jobs.

The dist-git method used for modular builds by default

The custom clone URL is somewhat problematic. We used to have ‘/etc/copr-rpmbuild/main.ini’ configured so rpkg-util could use several DistGit instances, but that did not really cover lot of DistGit instances. With the new rpkg-util, building from DistGit is not that flexible, and the set of packages it can correctly build shrank a bit. Therefore we use the DistGit method that we can configure well against all the DistGit instances we currently know of.


  • #1993 pkg_version field was added to monitor action. It allows to detect package version and package mismatches across chroots.

  • #1924 We added a limit for RubyGems and PyPI package name length because it was causing a build to hang.

  • #1985 When you submit a build using copr-cli and cancel the build using web UI then the exit code will be 4.

  • rhbz#1870320 Documentation added on how to use advanced searching possibilities.

  • rhbz#2036631 Command copr list-packages was timing out for large Copr repositories.