Highlights from 2021-08-26 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 35, Fedora 34, Fedora 33, EPEL 8, and EPEL 7 Bodhi updates.

Unified repofile for all Fedora versions

#639 - In the past, we generated different repofiles for stable Fedora releases and Fedora rawhide. They differed in baseurl value, on Rawhide it contained fedora-rawhide-$basearch while on stable releases it contained fedora-$releasever-$basearch. This could be now unified and the repofile is exactly the same for all Fedora versions, see the releng RFE for more info about the change.

Builder VMs priority

The Fedora Copr builders are provided from multiple sources (AWS On-Demand instances, AWS Spot instances, dedicated in-house hypervisors). The price for using a builder differs based on its type, so now we attempt to prioritize use of the cheaper variants.

Read more about Fedora Copr farm of builders.


  • #1816 - Data from chroots that were disabled by their project owners or that were marked as EOL, is not deleted immediately but with an intended delay. Such chroots are displayed in a project overview with a trash icon next to them. The trash icon message was vague and confusing, so we improved its wording to more accurately describe when the data is going to be deleted.

  • #509 - When opening package detail you can now see its generic information that was previously visible in the package settings form (e.g. whether webhook-rebuild is enabled, for which chroots the package is being built, etc).

  • #1558 - When a build fails because of an unexpected appstream-builder problem, we now properly log the error output so it is transparent to users.

  • #1886 - We documented that Fedora Copr uses Amazon AWS CDN to spread the RPM repositories across the globe and that listing those repositories in a web browser may sometimes show outdated data because of caching while not affecting DNF/YUM behavior.

  • #1881 - Signing built packages occasionally failed because of TCP connection timeouts within the cloud. We now repeat the request several times before giving up.

  • #1792 - The copr new-webhook-secret <owner>/<project> was the last piece of code to be finally migrated from APIv1 to APIv3. Please be aware that per EOL Copr APIv1 and APIv2 document, the APIv1 code is going to be removed from copr-frontend in the following release.

  • #1888 - Copr-cli commands copr-cli build-package and copr-cli list now return non-zero status code on failure.

  • #1896 - It is now possible to disable appstream metadata generation when creating or modifying projects via copr-cli by specifying --appstream off.

  • RHBZ 1940748 - The badge for the last build is not being cached anymore and therefore should always return the actual status.