This is just a page to collect brainwaves/ideas/evil-thoughts for Copr.

Proposal of change

  • open copr-dist-git for user-interaction

  • do not store built srpm there anymore, instead build them on builders based on db data (git/svn hashes, gem/pip package versions)

  • potentially use copr-cli for building on builders by employing (–local –detached) switches **

** actually scratch the last point. What we need is a builder script that gets just task_id as input and downloads the build definition from frontend and based on that executes the whole build. The current copr-builder fixes some parts of build definition (most importantly the dist-git source args) on its command line which makes future changes like in point 2 basically a no-go. We need to keep our options open in this regard.


  • make link to /api page (Done)

  • Extend APIs

  • localize frontend (use Transifex)

  • Meet Docstring standards for the code.

  • Allow a repo author to optionally provide a url to the upstream source repo (visible to viewers)

  • Allow a repo author to optionally provide a url to the spec file (visible to viewers)


  • change instance type by build request for more mem/procs/extend timeouts
    • use extra-vars?

    • need ansible 0.9?

  • auto-timer/cleanup script for old instances that may have been orphaned

  • prune out builders when we drop the number of them active

  • LOADS of fixme and catching weird conditions

  • make logging from mockremote more sane and consistent

  • mock configs should be pushed to instances at creation time
    • single url to repos, not mirrorlists

  • consider making each worker return job to a completed queue so the primary process can do other kinds of notification

  • email notifications from backend?

  • work on a way to find and cancel a specific build that’s happening other than just killing the instance

  • determine if it is properly checking the timeout from a dead instance

  • maybe dump out the PID of the worker that is running so we know which one to kill?


  • have jobs as static records in redis, drop workers for each build and only have process checking build status and downloading results in the end
    • advantage is that you don’t lose the already done work on builds that were running when copr-be is restarted (which happens on upgrades or a component failure)

    • disadvantage is that it includes quite some changes: keeping and maintaining jobs and their states + process with infinite loop that checkes status of the running jobs

    • you also need to run the mockchain job on background with stdin and stoud disattached so that it does not halt on SIGHUP

    • includes implementation of a nice way to check whether build is finished or not (e.g. check running processes for mockbuilder user could be ok)

    • looks like all of this requires some copr-builder script to be run on builder? Then copr-builder and copr-backend can have pre-defined API
      • $ copr-builder –config /some/config.conf build <coprID>/<package> –chroot <chroot>

      • the config.conf identifies where ‘dist-git’ and ‘frontend’ can be found to do git clone PKG and copr-cli mock-config

      • outputs could look like /copr-builder/live-log (stdout + stderr), /copr-builder/results/, /copr-builder/build.running (status)

    • clime: it can be done without copr-builder script ;)

  • alternative to the prev approach: - run the builds remotely in background or in a terminal multiplexer - try to reconnect based on builder records on copr-be restart (involves setting up a new worker)

Command line interface

  • integrate with fedpkg


  • Create CoprReleaser for Tito (Done)

  • provide .repo file (not sure if backend or frontend). (Done)

  • Logo. We desperately :) need logo. I was thinking about simplified picture of [ Dill] which is pronaunced in Czech (my native language) exactly same as Copr.