Highlights from 2023-01-25 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 36, Fedora 37, EPEL 7, EPEL 8, and EPEL 9 Bodhi updates.

Outage banner

Many times we received feedback that the upcoming outages are not being announced clearly enough or soon enough and that users are being surprised by them. Currently, we are announcing upcoming releases on status.fedoraproject.org and Copr mailing list but going forward, we are also going to show a banner at the top of the copr.fedorainfracloud.org page itself.

Downloading the built RPM packages

It was always possible to download Copr build results with the following command:

copr-cli download-build 123456

This downloads all files (logs, config files, debug files, built packages) for all chroots for a given build. That is a considerable amount of files (e.g. I tried it for a build with 22 chroots, it downloaded 455 files and took 40s seconds). It is possible to limit the download to a specific chroot using the --chroot parameter. And newly, thanks to RHBZ 2151239, it is now possible to specify also --rpms and/or --spec parameters to download only the resulting RPM packages and/or spec files, e.g.:

copr-cli download-build 123456 --rpms --spec

Notable changes

  • License fields migrated to SPDX expressions. See Changes/SPDX Licenses Phase 1.

  • The AppStream metadata generation is now disabled by default. The appstream-builder tool is very I/O demanding and predictably fails for large projects. Feel free to opt-in for this feature if you want it.

  • RHBZ 2152268 - Build and package tables now highlight the row under the cursor to improve orientation.

  • When the copr-distgit instance is temporarily down, builders will try to contact it again instead of failing immediately.


  • #2417 - Don’t traceback when displaying a nonexisting branch

  • #2390 - Don’t traceback when displaying a nonexisting task

  • #2357 - Status badges are not affected by CI builds for pull requests

  • #2341 - The copr-cli monitor doesn’t ignore its --dirname parameter anymore

  • #2454 - Don’t fail for packages with caret in their version

  • #2456 - Print a user-friendly error when submitting a wrong SRPM URL

  • #2448 - Correct Fedora users count on the homepage (the number of Copr users didn’t double overnight, we just calculated them incorrectly)

  • #2463 - The APIv3 chroot field additional_modules now correctly accepts a list of modules, instead of a space-separated string

  • #2482 - Fixed compatibility with python3-flask-wtf-1.1.0-1.fc38 that landed in Fedora rawhide

  • #2107 - Fixed a race condition when creating multiple build batches in parallel

  • #2416 - After we upgraded Copr servers to F37, custom webhooks started failing because of empty payloads. It should work now.

  • #2289 - Automatic PyPI builds through Anitya now respect the spec generator option

  • #2467 - Automatic Anitya builds are now submitted with the background flag

  • #2466 - Pre-release versions from Anitya are ignored

  • RHBZ 2159978 - The flask-restful dependency wasn’t needed anymore

  • RHBZ 2162735 - Fixed $basearch example value

  • RHBZ 2162436 - Fixed compatibility with python-packaging version 23.0, which is soon going to land in Fedora rawhide

  • Fixed order of log names in the build results