Highlights from 2023-05-25 release

Updated client packages are shipped in Fedora 37, Fedora 38, EPEL 7, EPEL 8, and EPEL 9 Bodhi updates.

OpenAPI and Swagger

We are trying to provide useful documentation for every Copr component or interesting feature but one of the things that was consistently not well documented was our API, see #1865. It is not finished yet but we started working on an OpenAPI documentation using Swagger. When you open the Copr API page, it shows a link to the API documentation. At this moment, only a fraction of endpoints are documented but we’ve got to start somewhere.

OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Thanks to the contribution from @pkking, Copr has support for authenticating users through OpenID Connect (OIDC). This feature is not configured for the Fedora Copr instance yet but we are planning to enable it in the future.


Within this release, we prioritized documentation improvements:

Notable changes

  • The API page used to show different information for logged and anonymous users. Many users were confused by this and couldn’t find their API config because of it. Copr now shows the API config even for anonymous users, instructing them to log in.

  • At the start of each builder-live.log there are now instructions on how to reproduce the build locally using the copr-rpmbuild tool. The instructions are not limited to the Fedora Copr instance but should work for all known Copr instances.

  • New API endpoint /api_3/rpmrepo/ providing all project repositories in one call. It is used by the new DNF5 Copr plugin

  • The follow_fedora_branching field is now returned via the API

  • The task queue now shows a link to the Resalloc WebUI page. It is still in an early stage of development and looks clearly unfinished. But it already allows you to see how many builders are available, what are they doing, and so on.

  • You can see graphs of how much others use Copr


  • #2566 - When an SCM build was submitted from a repository with an unambiguous branch name and filename, the build got stuck in an infinite loop

  • When git checkout <committish> failed, Copr repeated the whole cloning and checkout process again, causing more harm than good. Now only the checkout action is repeated.

  • #2658 - A general check before uploading a SRPM file using copr-cli. It shouldn’t happen anymore that you finish uploading a SRPM file and then get an error that your token expired, project permissions are incorrect, or anything else.

  • #2696 - Fixed broken login caused by 405 Method Not Allowed error

  • #2714 - More readable errors related to implicit (taken from copr-cli config file) owner name

  • #2703 - It is now possible to submit EPEL module builds