Highlights from 2022-11-30 release

The 2022-11-28 release was complicated and introduced more bugs than we expected. This mini-release was solely focused on fixing them.


  • #2407 - Copr DistGit failed to import some packages. We believe systemd-oomd killed the process and left the repository in an inconsistent state

  • #2402 - SELinux rejected all SRPM uploads of packages larger than 50MB (We have a special case in the code for uploading large SRPM files)

  • #2398 - A traceback caused some SRPM builds to hang in the queue for hours and caused also #2390.

  • #2391 - DistGit workers didn’t mark themselves as finished after importing a package, resulting in a performance drop and seemingly stuck importing queue

  • #2388 - Signature check caused copr-backend to fail on Fedora 36

  • #2393 - A deployment-related issue with systemd-oomd unexpectedly killing Copr DistGit services