.. _release_notes_2021_08_26:

Highlights from 2021-08-26 release

Updated client packages are shipped in `Fedora 35`_, `Fedora 34`_, `Fedora 33`_,
`EPEL 8`_, and `EPEL 7`_ Bodhi updates.

Unified repofile for all Fedora versions

`#639`_ - In the past, we generated different repofiles for stable Fedora releases and
Fedora rawhide. They differed in ``baseurl`` value, on Rawhide it contained
``fedora-rawhide-$basearch`` while on stable releases it contained
``fedora-$releasever-$basearch``. This could be now unified and the repofile is
exactly the same for all Fedora versions, see the `releng RFE` for more info
about the change.

Builder VMs priority

The Fedora Copr builders are provided from multiple sources (AWS On-Demand
instances, AWS Spot instances, dedicated in-house hypervisors). The price for
using a builder differs based on its type, so now we attempt to prioritize use of
the cheaper variants.

Read more about `Fedora Copr farm of builders`_.


- `#1816`_ - Data from chroots that were disabled by their project owners or that
  were marked as EOL, is not deleted immediately but with an
  intended delay. Such chroots are displayed in a project overview
  with a trash icon next to them. The trash icon message was vague and
  confusing, so we improved its wording to more accurately describe
  when the data is going to be deleted.

- `#509`_ - When opening package detail you can now see its generic
  information that was previously visible in the package settings
  form (e.g. whether webhook-rebuild is enabled, for which chroots the
  package is being built, etc).

- `#1558`_ - When a build fails because of an unexpected
  appstream-builder problem, we now properly log the error output so
  it is transparent to users.

- `#1886`_ - We documented that Fedora Copr uses Amazon AWS CDN to
  spread the RPM repositories across the globe and that listing those
  repositories in a web browser may sometimes show outdated data
  because of caching while not affecting DNF/YUM behavior.

- `#1881`_ - Signing built packages occasionally failed because of TCP
  connection timeouts within the cloud. We now repeat the request
  several times before giving up.

- `#1792`_ - The ``copr new-webhook-secret <owner>/<project>`` was the last
  piece of code to be finally migrated from APIv1 to APIv3. Please be aware that
  per `EOL Copr APIv1 and APIv2`_ document, the APIv1 code is going to be
  removed from ``copr-frontend`` in the following release.

- `#1888`_ - Copr-cli commands ``copr-cli build-package`` and
  ``copr-cli list`` now return non-zero status code on failure.

- `#1896`_ - It is now possible to disable appstream metadata
  generation when creating or modifying projects via
  ``copr-cli`` by specifying ``--appstream off``.

- `RHBZ 1940748`_ - The badge for the last build is not being cached
  anymore and therefore should always return the actual status.

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