Koji 1.13 Release Notes

Migrating from Koji 1.12

For details on migrating see Migrating to Koji 1.13

Client Changes

Python 3 client support

The koji command and core library now support Python 3 (as well as 2). The default spec now produces both python2-koji and python3-koji subpackages. The koji package still contains the (now much smaller) /usr/bin/koji file.

Some older features are not supported by the Python 3 client

  • the use_old_ssl option is not supported, python-requests must be used

  • the old kerberos auth mechanism is not supported, use gssapi instead

CLI Plugins

The command line interface now has basic plugin support. The primary use case is for plugins to be able to add new subcommands. For details see: New command for CLI

list-channels CLI command

The new list-channels command lists the known channels for the system.

Usage: koji list-channels
(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --quiet     Do not print header information

hostinfo CLI command

The new hostinfo command shows basic information about a build host, similar to the web interface.

Usage: koji hostinfo [options] <hostname> [<hostname> ...]
(Specify the --help global option for a list of other help options)

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

Enhancements to restart-hosts

The restart-hosts command is used by admins to safely restart the build hosts after a configuration change.

Because multiple restarts can conflict, the command will now exit with a error if a restart is already underway (can be overridden with –force).

There are now options to limit the restart to a given channel or arch.

The command now has a timeout option, which defaults to 24hrs.

User-Agent header

Previously the Koji client library reported a confusingly out-of-date value in the User-Agent header. Now it simply reports the major version.

raise error on non-existing profile

If the requested client profile is not configured, the library will raise an error, rather than proceeding with default values.

See also: Koji Profiles

Changes to the Web interface

Build Log Display

The build info pages now display the log files for a build (instead of linking directly to the directory on the download server). This works for all builds, including those imported by content generators.

Builder changes

Configuring mock chroot behavior

Koji now supports using mock’s –new-chroot option on a per-tag basis. For details see: Tuning mock’s behavior per tag

pre/postSCMCheckout callbacks

The callback interface is used by plugins to hook into various Koji operations. With this release we have added callbacks in the builder daemon for before and after source checkout: preSCMCheckout and postSCMCheckout.

Extended allowed_scms format

The allowed_scms option now accepts entries like:


to explicitly block a host:repository pattern.

See also: Source Control Configuration

System changes

mod_auth_gssapi required

On modern platforms, both koji-hub and koji-web now require mod_auth_gssapi instead of mod_auth_kerb.

Longer tag names

Previously, tag names were limited to 50 characters. They are now limited to 256 characters.