Koji 1.20.1 Release notes

This is first regular minor release. We’re trying new release cycle. It should involve of regular releases (1.x.0) roughly every three months. In between there should be one minor release (1.x.1) with bugfixes and documentation updates.

Overall policy for minor release is, that it shouldn’t contain anything changing API or any compatibility features. Neither it should touch the db schema. Client has to be completely compatible with 1.x.0 version.

Reason to introduce them is to make quicker delivery of simple fixes to end users. As an administrator of koji instance you’re free to not/update as you wish. There also needs to be clear update path from 1.x via 1.x.1 to 1.x+1.

Anyway, if some security or important bugfix is found anywhere during 1.x cycle, we’re going to do additional minor release addressing this problem. We will announce it properly through standard channels (mainly koji-devel mailing list).

All changes can be found at pagure. Most important changes are listed here.

Migrating from Koji 1.20

No special actions are needed.

Security Fixes


Client Changes

Fix flags display for list-tag-inheritance

Fix of the bug with garbage output for given command.

Don’t use full listTags in list-groups call

Speed improvement - sidetags introduced large tag sets which slowed down some calls.

Library Changes

Always use stream=True when iterating over a request

Bug introduced in 1.20 could cause kojid running out of memory.

API Changes


Web UI Changes

Display params also for malformed tasks in webui

Display some taskinfo for deleted buildtags

Expect, that hub is returning GM time

Information on taskinfo page could have wrong times.

Builder Changes

Ensure that all keys in distrepo are lowered

Distrepo now should treat sigkeys as case-insensitive.

System Changes

Improve sql speed in build_references

build_references was using one of the slowest SQL calls in koji. It was rewritten now to be faster.

Utilities Changes

Garbage Collector


DB Sweeper

Analyze/vacuum all affected tables

There was a mistake in vacuumed table and one another was missing.



Documentation Changes

Fix help message for list-groups

Fix usage message for add-pkg

improve search() API documentation

Docs for kojira and koji-gc