Koji 1.28.1 Release notes

All changes can be found in the roadmap. Most important changes are listed here.

Migrating from Koji 1.28

No special actions are needed.

Security Fixes


Library Changes

Fix parsing of URLs with port numbers

1.28 feature allowing authentication tokens as part of git urls broke urls with specified port.

Client Changes

Same format output for list-buildroot with –verbose for py3/py2

Output format for python 2.x and 3.x were unified.

Hub Changes

Fix type option handling in readTaggedRPMS

As option is called type it masked builtins.type call used in exception handling.

Improve inheritance priority collision error message

More descriptive exception message.

Set dst permissions same as src permissions

Another regression introduced in 1.28 - newly header/payload split rpms were not writtend with the same file permissions so they weren’t readable for some tasks.


Don’t call listTags more than once

Speed improvement - one of the caching calls is now run only at the start and not in every check cycle. It should bring a less more stress to the hub and a bit faster kojira noticing repo changes.

Web Changes

Fix syntax error

Broken HTML at hostedit page.

Fix attribute test

Search with empty field led to traceback - 1.28 regression.

Encode filename as UTF-8

Fix for rpminfo page.

Fix tag and target shows as string, not as dict to string

Fixed wrong target representation for some tasks in tasks overview page.

Documentation/DevTools Changes