Migrating to Koji 1.13

The 1.13 release of Koji includes several changes that you should consider when migrating.

DB Updates

We have increased the length limit for tag names and there is a minor schema change to support this.

As in previous releases, we provide a migration script that updates the database.

# psql koji koji  </usr/share/doc/koji/docs/schema-upgrade-1.12-1.13.sql

Packaging changes

Because the CLI and base library now support both python2 and python3, the core libs and most of the cli code have moved to separate packages for each major Python version:

  • python2-koji

  • python3-koji

The main koji package still contains the (now much smaller) koji script, and requires either python2-koji or python3-koji, depending on whether python3 support is enabled.

The CLI now also supports plugins, and two commands (runroot and save-failed-tree) have moved to the python[23]-koji-cli-plugins subpackages. If you need these subcommands, you may need to explicitly install the appropriate koji-cli-plugins package.

Other changes

There are numerous other changes in 1.13 that should not have a direct impact on migration. For details see: Koji 1.13 Release Notes