Koji 1.34.1 Release notes

All changes can be found in the roadmap. Most important changes are listed here.

Migrating from Koji 1.34

No special actions are needed.

Security Fixes


Client Changes

Fix scheduler log ordering

Scheduler logs were returned in random order.

–limit from scheduler-logs/info

List only limited set of records.

System Changes

policy_data_from_task_args: set target to None when it doesn’t exist

Deleted targets which remained in the policy rules could have led to hub tracebacks.

Oz: don’t hardcode the image size unit as ‘G’

New oz versions allow usage of different units.

Typo in set_refusal

Fix for scheduler bug which is not critical but could create tracebacks in the hub log.

Have builders refuse repo tasks if they can’t access /mnt/koji

Simple check that if builder is missing required mountpoint, it will refuse the createrepo tasks instead of failing later.

rmtree: use fork

Parallel deletions in some cases can lead to error messages in the hub log.

Provide draft flag to build policy

Provide information about draft builds for “build” policy.

Implicit task refusals

Improving scheduler planning capability especially for noarch/exclusivearch packages.

Fix temporary cg_import.log file path

Fixing 1.34 problem with CG imports with error logs.

Use host maxtasks if available

Further improvement of scheduler planning.

Avoid explicit rowlock in taskWaitCheck

Fix for scheduler deadlock issues. They are not critical, but polluting kojid’s log.

Bandit [B411]: use defusedxml to prevent remote XML attacks

Implementing bandit-proposed solution to replace base xml library with defusedxml.


Add some handy links for module builds

Fix formatting of rpm in title


readTaggedRPMS/Builds API documentation

Remove rpm-py-installer, update test docs and update Dockerfiles

Document draft builds

Tests: py3 versions compatibility fixes