PostgreSQL UpgradeΒΆ

When upgrading to a distribution that provides a new major version of PostgreSQL server, there is a manual intervention required.

Make sure httpd is stopped:

[root@copr-fe-dev ~][STG]# systemctl stop httpd

Upgrade the database:

[root@copr-fe-dev ~][STG]# dnf install postgresql-upgrade
[root@copr-fe-dev ~][STG]# postgresql-setup --upgrade
[root@copr-fe-dev ~][STG]# systemctl start postgresql

And rebuild indexes:

[root@copr-fe-dev ~][STG]# su postgres
bash-5.0$ cd
bash-5.0$ reindexdb --all

Start httpd again:

[root@copr-fe-dev ~][STG]# systemctl start httpd