AWS Tips-and-Tricks

Weekly instance snapshots

We currently don’t have automatic snapshots enabled, so you need to do them manually.

  1. Please login to Amazon AWS (us-east-1 region) and go to EC2

  2. Open snapshots from the left menu

  3. Filter all existing snapshots with CoprPurpose: infrastructure

  4. See what tags they have and what is the naming convention
    • Tags: Name, CoprInstance, CoprPurpose, FedoraGroup

    • Naming: data-copr-XY-prod-YYYY-MM-DD where XY is instance name (fe, be, dg, kg)

    • We also keep -last-clean snapshots for backend and distgit instances. They are created from an unmounted filesystem

  5. Open volumes from the left menu and filter CoprPurpose: infrastructure and CoprInstance: production

  6. Right-click on all needed volumes and Create Snapshot

  7. Wait, it will take an hour to create the backend snapshot.

  8. Make sure that all snapshots were created correctly and from the right volumes. Feel free to ask for a review here.

  9. Delete the previous set of snapshots (do not touch last-clean snapshots!)