Database backups

We periodically create two kinds of database dumps.

Private/backup dump

This “complete” dump is done for potential disaster-recovery situations. It contains all the data (including private stuff like API tokens), and therefore we never publish it or download it onto our machines. The dump is created in the /backups/ directory on Copr Frontend, and it is periodically pulled by a rdiff-backup Fedora Infrastructure bot configured by Ansible.

To generate the backup manually (this can be useful e.g. before upgrading to a new major version of PostgreSQL), run:

[root@copr-fe ~][PROD]# su - postgres
bash-5.0$ /usr/local/bin/backup-database coprdb


Please be aware that the script does an initial sleep for some undeterministic amount of time (to not backup all the Fedora Infra databases at the same time). You might want to kill the sleep process to speed it up a little. Still, be prepared that the dump, mostly because of the XZ compression, takes more than 20 minutes!


If you run this manually to have the last-minute pre-upgrade dump, you need to keep the machine running till the upgrade is done — to keep the /backups directory existing!

Public dumps

These dumps are publicly available for anyone’s experiments. These are generated overnight via:


Those dumps have all the private data filtered out (namely the contents of _private tables), but still usable as-is for debugging purposes (e.g. spawning a testing Copr Frontend container with pre-generated database).