How to rename a chroot

In the openEuler copr instance, we unfortunately need to rename a chroot.

The operations need to be done can be described as:

  • [backend]: symlinks all the old chroot dir in resultdir to the new one

  • [frontend]: change the os_release/os_version in frontend table mock_chroot

  • [builder]: add new mock chroot configs to all builder


After these operations are complete, a new chroot will be displayed at all frontend pages, and all the old repo config files should be still usable.

To be more precisely, here are some operation details:

Suppose you have a chroot named foo-bar-x86_64 and want to rename it to new-foo_bar-x86_64

For backend

Login as copr user to backend node, and run:

$ /usr/bin/copr-rename-chroot --real-run  --pair foo-bar-x86_64:new-foo_bar-x86_64

Explain: the /usr/bin/copr-rename-chroot script will rename the dir in destdir from foo-bar-x86_64 to new-foo_bar-x86_64


You may note the --real-run arguement, without it the script will perform a dry-run and just print the operations out.

Run the command without real-run until you make sure all the operations are expected!

For frontend

Login to the frontend database and run:

coprdb# UPDATE mock_chroot SET os_version='foo_bar', os_release='new' WHERE os_version='foo' AND os_release='bar' AND arch='x86_64'

Explain: the SQL will rename the old chroot which name is foo-bar-x86_64 to new-foo_bar-x86_64 in database, this operation will make webUI&copr-cli see the new chroot.

For builder

Update your mock package to ensure the new-foo_bar-x86_64.cfg existed!