Migrating to Koji 1.22

You should consider the following changes when migrating to 1.22:

DB Updates

There are two minor schema changes in this release.

  • we’ve updated all timestamp fields to timestamptz with the return value of get_event_time() function to avoid unexpected time offset caused by PostgreSQL timezone setting (PR#2237).

  • we’ve updated the sessions_active_and_recent index for the session table for better performance (PR#2334)

As in previous releases, we provide a migration script that updates the database.

# psql koji koji < /usr/share/doc/koji/docs/schema-upgrade-1.21-1.22.sql

Dropped python2 support of hub and web

Python 2 was sunset on January 1, 2020. Starting with Koji 1.22, hub and web will only support Python 3. The CLI, builder, and utils retain Python 2 support for now. For more information see: PR#2218

Dropped krbV authentication support

We have dropped all the code related to the old python-krbV library, and are now only providing GSSAPI auth. For ClientSession objects, krb_login() is redirected to gssapi_login() with a printed warning. Any code still calling krb_login() directly should be updated.

The newer gssapi authentication mechanism requires either python-requests-kerberos or python-requests-gssapi.

For more information see: PR#2244 and PR#2280

As part of this, the krbservice and krb_rdns options have been dropped. These options were accepted in several configuration files and also as command line options (--krbservice and --krb-rdns) in the cli and some utility scripts. In the Web UI configuration (web.conf), these options were named KrbService and KrbRDNS. Users and admins should remove these options from their configuration.

These options will cause an error if given on the command line. They will also cause an error if used in the following configuration files:

  • kojid.conf

  • kojira.conf

Other changes

There are numerous other changes in 1.22 that should not have a direct impact on migration. For details see: Koji 1.22.0 Release notes