Migrating to Koji 1.10

The 1.10 release of Koji includes a few changes that you should consider when migrating.

DB Updates

The new tag_extra table tracks extra data for tags.

There is a new entry in the channels table and some additions and updates to the archivetypes table.

As in previous releases, we provide a migration script that updates the database.

# psql koji koji  </usr/share/doc/koji-1.10.0/docs/schema-upgrade-1.9-1.10.sql

Command line changes

A few commands support new arguments

  • --ini : Pass build parameters via a .ini file

  • --section : Get build parameters from this section of the .ini

  • --ini : Pass build parameters via a .ini file

  • --section : Get build parameters from this section of the .ini

  • --link : Attempt to hardlink instead of uploading

  • --latest-n: Only show the latest N builds/rpms

  • --watch : Monitor history data

  • --extra : Set tag extra option

  • --user : Only tasks for this user

  • --arch : Only tasks for this architecture

  • --method : Only tasks of this method

  • --channel : Only tasks in this channel

  • --host : Only tasks for this host

  • --task-id : Interpret id as a task id

And there are three new commands

  • image-build-indirection

  • maven-chain

  • runroot

Other Configuration changes

The Koji web interface can now treat extra-footer.html as a Cheetah template. This behavior can be enabled by setting the LiteralFooter option to False in the kojiweb config.

RPC API Changes

The readTaggedBuilds and readTaggedRPMS now treat an integer value for the optional latest argument differently. Before it was simply treated as a boolean flag, which if true caused the call to return only the latest build for each package. Now, if the value is a positive integer N, it will return the N latest builds for each package. The behavior is unchanged for other values.

New rpc calls: chainMaven, buildImageIndirection, and mergeScratch