rpkg 1.54 Release Notes

Released on May 9, 2018

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.6.

Change Logs

  • Pass the -s/–set-default-stream to mbs-manager for module local builds. (jkaluza)

  • Write mock config correctly when run in Py 3 (cqi)

  • Add –with and –without options to ‘local’ - rhbz#1533416 (tmz)

  • Add a test for 3f93433 (cqi)

  • Raise error if rpm command returns non-zero (cqi)

  • Use getpass.getuser() instead of pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid())[0] (jpopelka)

  • Allow setting custom MBS config file and config section in rpkg.conf. (jkaluza)

  • Remove py35 testenv (cqi)

  • Ignore .env and tags (cqi)

  • Remove question mark from giturl (cqi)

  • Added custom ArgumentParser (supports allow_abbrev) (jkucera)

  • Grab the correct first line in case of rpm output (zebob.m)