rpkg 1.53 Release Notes

Released on April 8, 2018

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.6.

Change Logs

  • Use NSVs and not build IDs with module-build-local –add-local-build (mprahl)

  • Fix docstring of test_module_build_local_with_skiptests (mprahl)

  • Add long_description to package (cqi)

  • Support local module builds when there are uncommitted changes (mprahl)

  • Fix clarifying error that occurs when mbs-manager is not installed (mprahl)

  • Add support for Module Stream Expansion (MBS API v2) (mprahl)

  • Show errors when a module build fails (mprahl)

  • Move full download url construction to separate method (frostyx)

  • Fix compose related params for container-build (lucarval)

  • Avoid calling /usr/bin/python in tests (miro)

  • Change default rpmlint configuration file (athoscr)

  • Use koji.grab_session_options() rather than opencoding it (cfergeau)