rpkg 1.50 Release Notes

Released on August 1, 2017

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.6.

Change Logs

  • Fix PEP8 error (cqi)

  • Spelling fixes (ville.skytta)

  • Reword help and description of new-sources and upload commands - rhbz#1248737 (cqi)

  • Set autorebuild enabled by default (bfontecc)

  • Add commands to whitelist_externals (cqi)

  • Declare Python 3 versions to support in setup.py (cqi)

  • Replace unicode with six.text_type (cqi)

  • Run tests in both Python 2 and 3 with tox (cqi)

  • Make tests and covered code compatible with Py3 (cqi)

  • Add requirements files (cqi)

  • Do not build srpm in test (cqi)

  • Do not actually run git-diff in tests (cqi)

  • Remove deprecated modules used in koji (cqi)

  • Non-zero exit when rpmbuild fails in local command (cqi)

  • Report deprecation of config via logger (lsedlar)

  • Print –dist deprecation warning explicitly (lsedlar)

  • utils: Avoid DeprecationWarning for messages for users (lsedlar)

  • Supply namespace to lookaside (if enabled) (lsedlar)

  • Support reading koji config from profile - #187 (cqi)

  • Remove kitchen (cqi)

  • Fix string format (cqi)

  • Recommend –release instead of –dist in mockbuild –help (tmz)

  • Allow overriding container build target by downstream (lsedlar)

  • Add a separate property for namespace (lsedlar)

  • Allow container builds from any namespace (maxamillion)

  • Make osbs support optional (cqi)

  • make osbs dependency optional (pavlix)

  • Allow explicit namespaces with slashes (lsedlar)

  • Do not hang indefinitely when lookaside cache server stops sending data (jkaluza)

  • Make –module-name work with namespaces - #216 (lsedlar)

  • Include README.rst in dist package (cqi)

  • More document in README - #189 (cqi)

  • Make new command be able to print unicode - #205 (cqi)

  • Allow to specify custom info to a dummy commit (cqi)

  • Load module name correctly even if push url ends in slash - #192 (cqi)

  • Replace fedorahosted.org with pagure.io - #202 (cqi)

  • Fix rpm command to get changelog from SPEC - rhbz#1412224 (cqi)

  • Rewrite tests to avoid running rpmbuild and rpmlint (cqi)

  • Use fake value to make Command in test (cqi)

  • Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fixes (ville.skytta)