rpkg 1.51 Release Notes

Released on October 20, 2017

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.6.

Change Logs

  • Do not read real koji config in test (cqi)

  • Ignore TestModulesCli if openidc-client is unavailable (cqi)

  • Port mbs-build to rpkg (mprahl)

  • Add .vscode to .gitignore (mprahl)

  • Fix TestPatch.test_rediff in order to run with old version of mock (cqi)

  • Allow to specify alternative Copr config file - #184 (cqi)

  • Tests for patch command (cqi)

  • More Tests for mockbuild command (cqi)

  • More tests for getting spec file (cqi)

  • Tests for container-build-setup command (cqi)

  • Test for container-build to use custom config (cqi)

  • Suppress output from git command within setUp (cqi)

  • Skip test if rpmfluff is not available (lsedlar)

  • Allow to override build URL (cqi)

  • Test for mock-config command (cqi)

  • Tests for copr-build command (cqi)

  • Fix arch-override for container-build (lucarval)

  • Remove unsupported osbs for container-build (lucarval)

  • cli: add –arches support for koji_cointainerbuild (mlangsdo)

  • Strip refs/heads/ from branch only once (lsedlar)

  • Don’t install bin and config files (cqi)

  • Fix kojiprofile selection in cliClient.container_build_koji (cqi)

  • Avoid branch detection for ‘rpkg sources’ (praiskup)

  • Fix encoding in new command (cqi)

  • Minor wording improvement in help (pgier)

  • Fix indentation (pviktori)

  • Add –with and –without options to mockbuild (pviktori)