rpkg 1.52 Release Notes

Released on February 14, 2018

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.6.

Change Logs

  • Mock ThreadPool in test_module_overview (cqi)

  • Drop rpmfluff in test (cqi)

  • Fix hardcoded directory name in test (lsedlar)

  • Improve testenv for py26 (cqi)

  • Run tests with old GitPython in py26 testenv (cqi)

  • Compile pycurl with openssl after F27 (cqi)

  • Ignore .egg/ from git (cqi)

  • Add py26 to testenv (cqi)

  • Install koji from PyPI (cqi)

  • Make compose-id and repo-url to take one or more values (csomh)

  • Let git ignore more directories (cqi)

  • Exclude pyc and __pycache__ globally in sdist (cqi)

  • Handle nonexisting mbs-manager (cqi)

  • Add dependent packages for Python 2.6 in setup.py (cqi)

  • Updated module cli API (mcurlej)

  • Declare Python versions rpkg can work with - #278 (cqi)

  • Fix flake8 errors (cqi)

  • Fix tests that do not work with Python 3 (cqi)

  • Fix tests: not impact by dict.items call (cqi)

  • Add py36 to testenv - #274 (cqi)

  • Run tox to run tests and check code styles - #276 (cqi)

  • Use flake8 3.5.0 (cqi)

  • Add files under requirements/ to sdist package (cqi)

  • Install Koji shared library via setuptools (cqi)

  • Set install and tests requires in setup.py (cqi)

  • Split pypi requirements and refine versions (cqi)

  • Change type of compose id from string to int (bfontecc)

  • Install RPM Python binding from PyPI (cqi)

  • Fix test test_lint_each_file_once (cqi)

  • Add compose-id and signing-intent arguments (bfontecc)

  • Use env’s python (lucarval)

  • Use progress callback and TaskWatcher from koji_cli.lib (cqi)

  • Get buildhash from git+https:// url (lsedlar)

  • lint: Avoid checking rpm’s multiple times (tmz)

  • Fix giturl as well by calling construct_build_url (cqi)

  • Fix construct anongiturl for chain-build (cqi)

  • Fix mock openidc_client (cqi)