rpkg is a library to build command line utility to build RPM, container and module in local machine or remote build system. There is no executable to be shipped from rpkg project. This page shows what command line interface and commands will be available in any packaging tool that is built on top of rpkg.


sample-rpkg [ global_options ] command [ command_options ] [ command_arguments ]
sample-rpkg help
sample-rpkg command --help


sample-rpkg is a library to build command line appliaction to build RPM, container and module locally or in remote build system.

Global Options

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--config CONFIG, -C CONFIG

Specify a config file to use


Perform a dry run.

--release RELEASE

Override the discovered release from current branch, which is used to determine the build target and value of dist macro. Generally, release is the name of a branch created in your package repository. –release is an alias of –dist, hence –release should be used instead.

--name NAME

Override repository name. Use –namespace option to change namespace. If not specified, name is discovered from Git push URL or Git URL (last part of path with .git extension removed) or from Name macro in spec file, in that order.

--namespace NAMESPACE

The package repository namespace. If omitted, default to rpms if namespace is enabled.

--user USER

Override the discovered user name

--password PASSWORD

Password for Koji login

--runas RUNAS

Run Koji commands as a different user

--path PATH

Define the directory to work in (defaults to cwd)

--verbose, -v

Run with verbose debug output

--debug, -d

Run with debug output


Run quietly only displaying errors