Building package

First - go to root directory of your copr.git checkout. Then checkout a particular commit from which you would like to build the packages.

Install rpkg, render spec files and install Copr build dependencies:

sudo dnf install rpkg

rpkg --path frontend spec --outdir /tmp/rpkg
sudo dnf builddep /tmp/rpkg/copr-frontend.spec

rpkg --path backend spec --outdir /tmp/rpkg
sudo dnf builddep /tmp/rpkg/copr-backend.spec

rpkg --path cli spec --outdir /tmp/rpkg
sudo dnf builddep /tmp/rpkg/copr-cli.spec

rpkg --path selinux spec --outdir /tmp/rpkg
sudo dnf builddep /tmp/rpkg/copr-selinux.spec

Now you can build the packages themselves:

cd frontend && rpkg local && cd ..

cd backend && rpkg local && cd ..

cd cli && rpkg local && cd ..

cd selinux && local && cd ..

If you want just src.rpm, run:

cd frontend && rpkg srpm && cd ..

cd backend && rpkg srpm && cd ..

cd cli && rpkg srpm && cd ..

cd selinux && rpkg srpm && cd ..

If you are developer and want to test your changes, run (don’t forget to cd to particular package):

rpkg local

# or

rpkg srpm

For more information see man rpkg.

If you have write access to copr.git, you may create a new release by:

rpkg tag