Using pagure should come fairly easily, especially to people already used to forges such as GitHub or GitLab. There are however some tips and tricks which can be useful to know and that this section of the doc covers.

One of the major difference with GitHub and GitLab is that for each project on pagure, four git repositories are made available to the admins of the project:

  • A git repository containing the source code, displayed in the main section of the pagure project.
  • A git repository for the documentation
  • A git repository for the issues and their metadata
  • A git repository for the metadata for pull-requests

You can find the URLs to access or clone these git repositories on the overview page of the project. On the menu on the right side, there is a menu Source GIT URLs, next to it is a little more button, by clicking on it you will be given the URLs to the other three git repos.

Each section correspond to one of the four git repositories created for each project.