Theme your pagure

Pagure via flask-multistatic offers the possibility to override the default theme allowing to customize the style of your instance.

By default pagure looks for its templates and static files in the folders pagure/templates and pagure/static, but you can ask pagure to look for templates and static files in another folder.

By specifying the configuration keys THEME_TEMPLATE_FOLDER and THEME_STATIC_FOLDER in pagure’s configuration file, you tell pagure to look for templates and static files first in these folders, then in its usual folders.


Let’s take an example, you wish to replace the pagure logo at the top right of all the pages.

This logo is part of the master.html template which all pages inherit from. So what you want to do is replace this master.html by your own.

  • First, create the folder where your templates and static files will be stored:
mkdir /var/www/mypaguretheme/templates
mkdir /var/www/mypaguretheme/static
  • Place your own logo in the static folder
cp /path/to/your/my-logo.png /var/www/mypaguretheme/static
  • Place in there the original master.html
cp /path/to/original/pagure/templates/master.html /var/www/mypaguretheme/templates
  • Edit it and replace the URL pointing to the pagure logo (around line 27)
- <img height=40px src="{{ url_for('static', filename='pagure-logo.png') }}"
+ <img height=40px src="{{ url_for('static', filename='my-logo.png') }}"
  • Adjust pagure’s configuration file:
+ THEME_TEMPLATE_FOLDER='/var/www/mypaguretheme/templates'
+ THEME_STATIC_FOLDER='/var/www/mypaguretheme/static'
  • Restart pagure

In production

Serving static files via flask is fine for development but in production you will probably want to have Apache serve them. This will allow caching either on the server side or on the client side.

You can ask Apache to behave in a similar way as does flask-multistatic with flask here, i.e.: search in one folder and if you don’t find the file look in another one.

An example Apache configuration is provided as part of the sources of flask-multistatic.