Templates for ticket input

Pagure offers the possibility to add templates for ticket’s input. These templates do not enforce anything, users will have the possibility to simply ignore it, or even to not follow it, but it also helps structuring the ticket opened against a project and highlighting the information that are often requested/needed.

The templates are provided in the git repository containing the meta-data for the tickets. They must be placed under a templates folder in this git repository, end with .md and as the extension suggests can be formatted as markdown.

If you create a template templates/default.md, it will be shown by default when someone ask to create a new ticket.


For a project named test on pagure.io.

  • First, clone the ticket git repo 1 and move into it

git clone ssh://git@pagure.io/tickets/test.git
cd test
  • Create the templates folder

mkdir templates
  • Create a default template

vim templates/default.md

And place in this file the following content:

##### Issue

##### Steps to reproduce

##### Actual results

##### Expected results
  • Commit and push the changes to the git repo

git add templates
git commit -m "Add a default template for tickets"
git push
  • And this is how it will look like


The URLs to the different git repositories can be found on the main page of the project, on the right-side menu, under the section Source GIT URLs. Click on more to see them if you are logged in and have access to the repository (the ticket and request git repositories require a commit access or higher).