Upgrade a database

For changes to the database schema, we rely on Alembic. This allows us to do upgrade and downgrade of schema migration, kind of like one would do commits in a system like git.

To upgrade the database to the latest version simply run:

alembic upgrade head


if pagure’s configuration file isn’t in /etc/pagure/pagure.cfg you will have to specify it to alembic using the command:

PAGURE_CONFIG=/path/to/pagure.cfg alembic upgrade head

This allow applies for the command specified below.

This may fail for different reasons:

  • The change was already made in the database

This can be because the version of the database schema saved is incorrect. It can be debugged using the following commands:

  • Find the current revision:

    alembic current
  • See the entire history:

    alembic history

Once the revision at which your database should be is found (in the history) you can declare that your database is at this given revision using:

alembic stamp <revision id>

Eventually, if you do not know where your database is or should be, you can do an iterative process stamping the database for every revision, one by one trying every time to alembic upgrade until it works.

  • The database used does not support some of the changes

SQLite is handy for development but does not support all the features of a real database server. Upgrading a SQLite database might therefore not work, depending on the changes done.

In some cases, if you are using a SQLite database, you will have to destroy it and create a new one.