fedpkg 1.36 Release Notes

Released on February 1, 2018

This release requires rpkg >= 1.57.

Python compatibility

fedpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7.

What’s new in fedpkg 1.36

Add support for a flatpaks namespace

flatpaks will be added as a separate namespace in Fedora distgit: see more info at fedora devel mailing list.

The handling will be like modules - where flatpaks are currently: - No bugzilla bug is required for repository creation - Branch names must be valid module stream names

Make fedpkg update work for containers

We don’t really have an NVR available, but users can fill it in by themselves. Also add severity= option to fedpkg update template. This is now required argument for all security updates.

Change Logs

  • Added update-docs script (onosek)

  • Sdist fix and Python 2.6 compatibility (onosek)

  • Add support for a ‘flatpaks’ namespace (otaylor)

  • Move argparse fix to rpkg - #299 (onosek)

  • Fix update command related tests (cqi)

  • Make update work for containers - #296 (lsedlar)

  • Add ‘severity=’ option to ‘fedpkg update’ template (praiskup)

  • Add contributing guide - #293 (lsedlar)

  • Use module distro instead of platform - #278 (cqi)

  • Add missing content to 1.35 release notes (cqi)

  • Help: Use foo in foo examples, not name (miro)