fedpkg 1.40 Release Notes

Released on December 2, 2020

This release requires rpkg >= 1.61-1.

Python compatibility

fedpkg works with Python 2.7, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9

What’s new in fedpkg 1.40

Add support for using \-\-release eln

‘rpmdefines’ configuration values needed for building this release are loaded from Koji. They are located in ‘Extra options’ section of the ‘eln’ build target record. Macros for building are named rpm.macro.*.

Revert “Support for epel*-playground branch requests”

Per recent changes discussed in the EPEL SC meetings, epel*-playground branches should no longer be created automatically when a corresponding epel* branch is requested.

Reverting this commit makes epel* branches behave like normal branches and no longer disallow epel*-playground branches from being manually requested if needed.

Do not show warning when ‘package.cfg’ is missing

EPEL sig decided that ‘playground’ branch won’t be required for epel8. In package.cfg there was a list of target branches. Now it is not necessary to have this configuration file in the repository. Warning about missing this configuration is removed. Config file (if present) still works as previously.

Limit version of ‘python-bugzilla’ for Python2 tests

There is no more Python 2 support in new python-bugzilla packages. Therefore this dependent package’s version has to be limited.

Change Logs

  • Tests for “–release eln” (onosek)

  • Add support for using “–release eln” (mmathesi)

  • Fix Python 2 tests for epel7 (onosek)

  • Do not show warning when ‘package.cfg’ is missing - #417 (onosek)

  • Fix tests - #414 (michel)

  • Revert “Support for epel*-playground branch requests” - #414 (michel)