fedpkg 1.26 Release Notes

Released on December 15, 2016

Python compatibility

fedpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.6.

Change Logs

  • fedpkg clone -a uses https transport - BZ#1188634 (cqi)

  • Fix handle unicode chars in git log - BZ#1404724 (cqi)

  • Fix: make fedpkg workable with bodhi 2 CLI - #87 (cqi)

  • Fix –dist/–release option for ‘master’ %dist detection (praiskup)

  • sha512 should be also used in fedpkg-stage (cqi)

  • conf: s/kerberos_realm/kerberos_realms/ (i.gnatenko.brain)

  • Update config with new lookaside url (puiterwijk)

  • Use system trust list for lookaside (puiterwijk)

  • Specific help of –release for fedpkg - rhbz#1054440 (cqi)

  • Bash completion for –mock-config (cqi)

  • Remove unnecessary entry point (cqi)

  • Add missing import to man page script (lsedlar)

  • lookaside: We now use sha512 to upload the sources (bochecha)

  • Move to the new sources file format (bochecha)

  • Fix man page generator (lsedlar)

  • Accept the realms argument in Commands class - #14 (lsedlar)

  • Add kerberos realm to config files (lsedlar)

  • Move release guide to doc directory (cqi)

  • Add –with-changelog to shell completion (cqi)

  • Avoid sys.exit - #52 (cqi)

  • Add –release to bash completion (cqi)

  • remove the ppc and arm packages as they are now built in regular koji (dennis)

  • Do not send a certificate if none exists (puiterwijk)

  • New source code layout (cqi)

  • Set push.default to simple (cqi)

  • Fix PEP8 errors (cqi)

  • Integration between setuptools and nosetests (cqi)

  • New fedpkg-stage for developers to use stage infra - #41 (cqi)

  • enable target dest for rawhide to have trailing pieces (dennis)

  • python3: improve Python 3.x compatibility (pavlix)