Update RelEng Rendered Docs


When an improvement happens to the Release Engineering documentation following the contributing for the Sphinx reStructured Text source found in docs/source within the RelEng git repository someone has to manually perform a process in order to update the documentation that is hosted in the pagure documentation space for Fedora RelEng docs.


In order to render the documentation using Sphinx, you need to first be sure to have the package installed:

$ dnf install python-sphinx

Then we’ll need to clone the RelEng repository and the RelEng docs repository (the docs git repository is provided by pagure automatically). There is a script in the releng repository that takes care of cleanly updating the documentation site for us.

$ ./scripts/update-docs.sh

The documentation is now live.


This will require someone with permissions to push to the rawhide branch for the releng repository. If you are curious whom all has this ability, please refer to the Main Page and contact someone from the “Team Composition”


Visit the Fedora RelEng docs website and verify that the changes are reflected live on the docs site.

Consider Before Running

No considerations at this time. The docs git repository is simply a static html hosting space and we can just re-render the docs and push to it again if necessary.