Updating Comps


When we start a new Fedora development cycle (when we branch rawhide) we have to create a new comps file for the new release. This SOP covers that action.


  1. clone the comps repo

    $ git clone ssh://git@pagure.io/fedora-comps.git
  2. Create the new comps file for next release:

    $ cp comps-f24.xml.in comps-f25.xml.in
  3. Edit Makefile to update comps-rawhide target

    - -comps-rawhide: comps-f24.xml
    - -       @mv comps-f24.xml comps-rawhide.xml
    +comps-rawhide: comps-f25.xml
    +       @mv comps-f25.xml comps-rawhide.xml
  4. Add the new comps file to source control:

    $ git add comps-f25.xml.in
  5. Edit the list of translated comps files in po/POTFILES.in to reflect currently supported releases.

  6. Send it up:


    $ git push


One can review the logs for rawhide compose after this change to make sure the right comps file was used.

Consider Before Running

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