Adding Side Build Tags


Bigger Features can take a while to stabilize and land or need a large number of packages to be built against each other, this is easiest served by having a separate build tag for the development work. This SOP will describe the steps necessary to prepare the new build target.


Engineers should be aware that adding side build targets incurs extra newRepo tasks in the koji.

Research Tag

  1. Verify whether a tag already exists.

    The typical tag format is PRODUCT-DESCRIPTOR. The DESCRIPTOR should be something brief that clearly shows why the tag exists.


    Don’t think too hard about what makes a good descriptor. The descriptor for the XFCE version 4.8 side-build target was xfce48. KDE often simply uses kde as its descriptor. Use best judgement and if in doubt ask in IRC on #fedora-releng.


    $ koji taginfo epel6-kde


    $ koji taginfo epel7-kde


    $ koji taginfo f28-kde


    If the tag already exists, continue searching for an available tag by appending -2 and incrementing the number by one until an available tag is found. For example, if f28-kde already exists then search for f28-kde-2, f28-kde-3, and so on until a suitable tag is found.

  2. Determine the appropriate architectures.


    $ koji taginfo dist-6E-epel-build


    $ koji taginfo epel7-build


    $ koji taginfo f28-build

Create Side Build Target

  1. Create the proper tag.

    Note the slightly different syntax depending on which product needs the side-build target and the comma delimited list of architectures based on the information from a previous step.


    $ koji add-tag epel6-kde --parent=dist-6E-epel-build --arches=i686,x86_64,ppc64


    $ koji add-tag epel7-kde --parent=epel7-build --arches=aarch64,x86_64,ppc64,ppc64le


    $ koji add-tag f28-kde --parent=f28-build --arches=armv7hl,i686,x86_64,aarch64,ppc64,ppc64le,s390x
  2. Create the target.


    $ koji add-target epel6-kde epel6-kde


    $ koji add-target epel7-kde epel7-kde


    $ koji add-target f28-kde f28-kde
  3. Find the taskID for the newRepo task associated with the newly created target.

    $ koji list-tasks --method=newRepo
    ID       Pri  Owner                State    Arch       Name
    25101143 15   kojira               OPEN     noarch     newRepo (f28-kde)
  4. Ensure the newRepo task is being run across all architectures.

    $ koji watch-task 25101143
    Watching tasks (this may be safely interrupted)...
    25101143 newRepo (f28-kde): open (
    25101154 createrepo (i386): closed
    25101150 createrepo (ppc64le): closed
    25101152 createrepo (ppc64): closed
    25101151 createrepo (aarch64): closed
    25101149 createrepo (armhfp): closed
    25101153 createrepo (s390x): open (
    25101148 createrepo (x86_64): open (
  5. Request Package Auto-Signing for New Tag

    File a ticket in pagure infrastructure requesting the new tag be enabled for package auto-signing.

  6. Update the Pagure Issue

    Update the issue according to the following template which assumes a side target was made for KDE under Fedora 28. TAG_NAME has been created:

    $ koji add-tag f28-kde –parent=f28-build –arches=armv7hl,i686,x86_64,aarch64,ppc64,ppc64le,s390x

    $ koji add-target f28-kde f28-kde

    You can do builds with:

    $ fedpkg build –target=f28-kde

    Let us know when you are done and we will move all the builds into f28.


Fedora Release Engineering is responsible for merging the packages from the side-build target and tag back into the main tag. The requestor will update the original ticket when ready for the procedure outlined below.

  1. Remove the target

    $ koji remove-target <SIDE_TAG_NAME>
  2. Merge side build back to main target.

    Get the latest checkout from Fedora Release Engineering Repository and run the from the scripts directory.

    $ ./ --source <SIDE_TAG_NAME> --target <MAIN_TAG_NAME> > mass_tag.txt


    The MAIN_TAG_NAME for Fedora is typically the pending subtag, e.g. f28-pending when bodhi is not managing updates. After bodhi is enabled and managing updates then merge into f28-updates-candidate.

  3. Paste Output to the Original Ticket

    Paste the output from into the pagure/releng ticket to show what packages were merged and what packages need rebuilding for those who work on the buildroot.

Tags are never removed.

Consider Before Running

  • Is the amount of work to be done worth the cost of newRepo tasks.

  • If there is only a small number of packages overrides may be better.

  • Is there a mass-rebuild going on? no side tags are allowed while a mass rebuild is underway