Installing pagure’s milter

A milter is a script that is ran by a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) upon receiving an email via either a network or an unix socket.

If you want more information feel free to check out the corresponding page on wikipedia:

Configure your system

  • Install the required dependencies



We ship a systemd unit file for pagure_milter but we welcome patches for scripts for other init systems.


It also requires a MTA, we used postfix.

  • Create an alias reply

This can be done in /etc/aliases, for example:

reply:      /dev/null
  • Activate the ability of your MTA, to split users based on the character +. This way all the emails sent to will be forwarded to your alias for reply.

In postfix this is done via:

recipient_delimiter = +
  • Hook the milter in the MTA

In postfix this is done via:

non_smtpd_milters = unix:/var/run/pagure/paguresock
smtpd_milters = unix:/var/run/pagure/paguresock
  • Install the files of the milter as follow:









The first file is the script of the milter itself.

The second file is a file specific for systemd and ensuring the temporary folders needed by the milter are re-created if needed at each boot.

The third file is the systemd service file.

  • Activate the service and ensure it’s started upon boot:

systemctl enable pagure_milter
systemctl start pagure_milter