waiverdb-cli [OPTIONS]


waiverdb-cli is a CLI tool for reading and modifying WaiverDB (companion service to ResultsDB, for recording waivers against).


-C, --config-file PATH

Specify a config file to use.

-r, --result-id INTEGER

Specify one or more results to be waived.

-s, --subject TEXT

Deprecated. Use –subject-identifier and –subject-type instead. Subject for a result to waive.

-i, --subject-identifier TEXT

Subject identifier for a result to waive.

-T, --subject-type TEXT

Subject type for a result to waive.

-t, --testcase TEXT

Specify a testcase for the subject.

-p, --product-version TEXT

Specify one of PDC’s product version identifiers.

--waived, --no-waived

Whether or not the result is waived.

-c, --comment TEXT

A comment explaining why the result is waived.

-h, --help

Print usage help and exit.



Template for configuration file.


Default configuration file.


Waive test results with IDs 47 and 48 and specific product version:

waiverdb-cli -r 47 -r 48 -p "fedora-28" -c "This is fine"

Waive test results with specific subject and product version:

waiverdb-cli -t dist.rpmdeplint \
    -s '{"item": "qclib-1.3.1-3.fc28", "type": "koji_build"}' \
    -p "fedora-28" -c "This is expected for non-x86 packages"