.. _release-notes-1.59:

rpkg 1.59 Release Notes

Released on *September 10, 2019*

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7.

What's new in rpkg 1.59

Add commands for interacting with Koji side-tag plugin

Add commands for interacting with Koji side-tag plugin

There is a Koji `plugin`_ that can create, list and remove side-tags.
This patch adds support for a commands to do that.

It is used like this:

.. code-block:: bash

    $ rpkg request-side-tag [--base-tag=FOO]
    $ rpkg list-side-tags [--mine|--user=LOGIN] [--base-tag=FOO]
    $ rpkg remove-side-tag TAG

The base tag is used as a parent of the new side tag. If not given, rpkg
will find build tag of current target and use it.

The plugin creates both tag and target (with the same name), so the
output of rpkg contains a suggestion on how to submit builds to the new

.. _`plugin`: https://pagure.io/sidetag-koji-plugin

Port to `libmodulemd` 2 API

*rpkg* will now user ``libmodulemd`` library version 2 instead of version 1.

`module-overview` allows filtering by owner

Adds additional arguments to command ``fedpkg module-overview``:
    ``--owner`` - param is added to mbs query and shows only builds of that owner

    ``--mine`` - use current Kerberos user (or system username if Kerberos is
    not present) for filtering.

Arguments are mutually exclusive.

Add option to skip build for `container-build`

With this option, build can be skipped in ``container-build`` command,
to update just buildconfig for autorebuilds.

Show nvr in `container-build`

After build is created with ``container-build``, build's nvr is listed
on output.

Different `import \-\-offline` command behavior

``*pkg import --offline`` didn't update *source* and *.gitignore* files.
Modified incorrect output about uploaded sources. Offline mode now does
everything but uploading sources into lookaside cache.

Do not delete files related to gating on import

When ``rhpkg import`` is used, it will delete files that are not used
in the imported SRPM but are tracked in git. Now there is an exception
for *gating.yaml* also *tests/* subdirectory - these files are kept.

In `Container-build` add `\-\-build-release` argument

Add support for a new ``--build-release`` argument to the ``container-build``
sub-command. This allows users to specify a specific "Release" value to OSBS
for the build's Name-Version-Release.

Allow some arguments for `container-build` together

For ``rhpkg container-build`` command allow ``--signing-intent together`` with
``--repo-url``. ``--compose-id`` is still restricted to be used with these

Ignore error when adding exclude patterns

Creates a ``.git/info`` directory if is missing during ``clone`` of a remote
repository. Then ``exclude`` file can be updated.

Custom handler for `koji watch_tasks`

Output text during rhpkg/fedpkg build process states that there
is a *watch_task* subcommand. When *koji_cli* library is imported
in rhpkg/fedpkg tool, it shows that command is named
*rhpkg/fedpkg watch_task* instead of *brew/koji watch_task*. Custom
handler replaces the internal one inside *koji_cli* library.
Additional fix in rhpkg is needed after this change is released.

Fix `clone \-\-branches`

When cloning with the ``--branches`` option we first clone a bare repo
locally, then clone each branch from that bare repo. Avoid adding an
excludes file to the temporary bare repo (which fails because we pass
the wrong path to the git dir). Add an excludes file to each branch

Make `gitbuildhash` work for windows builds

The requests are structured differently to rpm builds, so we need to
look at different field to extract URL.

Change Logs
- Add option to skip build for container-build (rcerven)
- Sorting imports (onosek)
- Ignore error when adding exclude patterns - `rhbz#1733862`_ (onosek)
- Path to lookaside repo fix (onosek)
- Add commands for interacting with Koji side-tag plugin - `#329`_ (lsedlar)
- Do not delete files related to gating on import (onosek)
- Support integer values in the optional module-build arguments (mprahl)
- container-build: add --build-release argument (kdreyer)
- Allow some arguments for container-build together (onosek)
- git-changelog: Fix running on Python 3 (onosek)
- Port to libmodulemd 2 API (lsedlar)
- Module-overview allows filtering by owner - `#325`_ (onosek)
- Different import --offline command behavior - `#445`_, `rhbz#1175262`_ (onosek)
- Show nvr in container-build (onosek)
- Custom handler for koji watch_tasks - `rhbz#1570921`_ (onosek)
- Unittests for clone command (onosek)
- Fix clone --branches - `rhbz#1707223`_ (tmz)
- Make gitbuildhash work for windows builds (lsedlar)

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