.. _release-notes-1.56:

rpkg 1.56 Release Notes

Released on *August 21, 2018*

Python compatibility

rpkg works with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.6 and 3.7.

What's new in rpkg 1.56

Validate Greenwave policy

Greenwave policy could be validated when build a package with ``build``
command, or a container with ``container-build`` command, if policy file
``gating.yaml`` is created in the root directory inside repostiory. If
the policy is valid, build will be proceeded, otherwise, packagers
have to fix it.

For whatever the reason that Greenwave cannot validate the policy,
there is an option ``--skip-remote-rules-validation`` to bypass the

Allow to specify alternative buildroot for local build

New option ``--buildrootdir`` is added to ``local`` command in order
to assemble files generated during build into a custom directory
instead of the default ``~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/``.

Shell into mock

``mockbuild`` command now has option ``--shell`` to allow shell into a
specific mock environment, which is same as what ``mock --shell``

Please note that, in order to shell into a mock environment,
``--no-cleanup-after`` would be helpful to keep local chroot not
cleaned up.

`Commands._run_command` captures and returns output

Command output to ``stdout`` or ``stderr`` is able to be captured and

To return content output to stdout, pass argument ``return_stdout``.

To return content output to stderr, pass argument ``return_stderr``.

Refer to :meth:`Commands._run_command` for detailed information.

Change Logs

* Validate greenwave policy early in Commands.build (cqi)
* Refine error message for failure gating.yaml validation (cqi)
* explain mbs-manager exception handling (nils)
* test for missing mbs-manager with errno set (nils)
* catch errno == ENOENT if mbs-manager is missing (nils)
* add missing method docstring (nils)
* Show full error from MBS (lsedlar)
* Fix tests for greenwave policy validation (cqi)
* Add testenv for building docs (cqi)
* New option --buildrootdir - `rhbz#1583822`_ (cqi)
* Add --shell option to mockbuild - `rhbz#1438685`_ (cqi)
* Validate gating.yaml file for Greenwave gating (gnaponie)
* Update README (cqi)
* Reduce the number of repo creation for tests (cqi)
* Fix flake8 error (cqi)
* Drop rpm-py-installer from requires - `#357`_ (cqi)
* Allow _run_command to capture and return output to stdout or stderr (cqi)
* Claim Python 3.7 in README and package classifiers (cqi)
* Fix a bad test teardown (otaylor)
* Refactor build command (cqi)
* Remove rpmfluff package (cqi)
* Set PYCURL_SSL_LIBRARY directly for installing pycurl (cqi)
* Add py37 testenv (cqi)

.. _`#357`: https://pagure.io/rpkg/issue/357
.. _`rhbz#1438685`: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1438685
.. _`rhbz#1583822`: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1583822