Stage Final Release for Mirrors


When the release has been fully tested and approved at the “Go/No-Go” meeting it is ready for release to the Fedora mirrors.


  1. Gather the needed info for running the staging script: Release Version: the numerical version number of the release 24 ComposeID: The ID of the Compose Label: Compsoe label for the location in stage 24_RC-1.2 for example Key: the name of teh release key fedora-24 or fedora-24-secondary as examples Prerelease: 0 or 1 sets if the release goes in test/ or not Arch: <optional> For secondary arches, changes some internal locations

    $ scripts/ 24 Fedora-24-20160614.0 24_RC-1.2 fedora-24 0
  2. Sync the release to the Red Hat internal archive following internally documented


Verification is somewhat difficult as one cannot look at the content via the web server due to permissions. Typically we ask somebody from the Infrastructure team to give the tree a second set of eyes.

Consider Before Running

Hope the release is good!