Promoting Container Content


Even though the promotion of content is aimed to be fully automated, sometimes there is the need or desire to promote content from the candidate registry to the stable registry. Below is how to accomplish this using skopeo.


This action should be performed on by an user who is a member of the sysadmin-releng FAS Group.

The container image should be provided by the requester, they will have the information from their container build in the Fedora Layered Image Build System. It will have a name resembling

Sync content between the candidate registry and production registry, effectively “promoting it”. Substitute the $IMAGE_NAME in the following example with whatever the actual image name is that is provided. (This would be everything after, so using the above example then $IMAGE_NAME would be f26/foo:0.1-1.f26container.)

$ sudo skopeo copy \
    --src-cert-dir /etc/docker/certs.d/ \
    --dest-cert-dir /etc/docker/certs.d/ \
    docker://$IMAGE_NAME \


In order to verify, we need to inspect the stable registry, again with skopeo to ensure the image metadata exists.

$ skopeo inspect docker://$IMAGE_NAME

In this JSON output you will see a list element titled RepoTags and in there should be the $VERSION-$RELEASE listed there, following our example above this entry would be 0.1-1.f26container.