Multi Boot Media


Release Engineering is responsible for producing the final .ISO files for custom spins that are approved by the Fedora Board. This also includes Multi-Image DVD’s such as the Multi Desktop DVD


The Multi Boot images are created with Make sure to get the latest version from the git repo.


More info on the multiboot-media-creator tool is in the README file.

Multi Desktop DVD

The Multi Desktop DVD combines all official desktop spins such as the Live image, KDE, LXDE and Xfce. To create it, run

$ su -c './multiboot-media-creator/ \
    -i Fedora-<xx>-{i686,x86_64}-Live-{Desktop,KDE,LXDE,XFCE}.iso \
    --bootdefault Fedora-<xx>-i686-Live-Desktop.iso \
    --target Fedora-<xx>-Multi-Boot.iso \
    --targetname Fedora-<xx>-Multi-Desktop'


  1. Replace <xx> with the desired Fedora Release and make sure the paths to the downloaded images match

  2. The order of the images on the command line does not matter, will sort them alphabetically

  3. The default image should be Fedora-XX-i686-Live-Desktop.iso since GNOME is the default desktop and i686 will run on all hardware even if the CPU is not correctly detected.

  4. --target is the name of the ISO, --targetname is the ISO label. It must not contain spaces.

Dual Arch Installer DVD

The EMEA Ambassdors decided they want to have one combined dual arch installer image for Fedora 15 onwards. It is created with

$ su -c './multiboot-media-creator/ \
    -i Fedora-<xx>-{i686,x86_64}-DVD.iso \
    --bootdefault Fedora-<xx>-i686-Live-DVD.iso \
    --target Fedora-<xx>-Multi-Install.iso \
    --targetname Fedora-<xx>-Multi-Install'


Consider Before Running

  • Download all images required.

  • Download the checksums and check the individual images before creating the Multi Boot ISO because there is no verification available from the boot menu.

  • Make sure you have enough disk space available to create the desired image.

  • Make sure the resulting image fits on the target media. Normal DVDs can take up to 4,7 GB and 8,5 GB for Dual Layer.