Adding New Branch SLAs


In the ArbitraryBranching model, packagers can choose whatever SLAs they want for the branches of their packages, but they must choose from a subset of pre-defined SLAs stored in PDC, maintained by releng.

This SOP describes the steps necessary for a release engineer to create a new SLA.


Adding a new SLA is simple. It involves running a script in the releng repo, with an authorized token. There is a token available on pdc-backend01 in the /etc/pdc.d/ directory.

$ ./scripts/pdc/
Name of the SLA:  wild_and_cavalier
Description of the SLA:  Anything goes!  This branch may rebase at any time.  No stability guarantees provided.


Verifying that the SLA is present is simple: visit the appropriate PDC endpoint and verify that your newly-added SLA is present.