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Update Branched Last Known Good


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    FIXME - There was no description in the wiki

#. Respond to the ticket and take ownership.

#. Rsync images from the tree QA claims is LNG to alt. Do this from a system
   that mounts /mnt/koji such as releng1.  EG syncing the images from 20100315
   as LNG:


        $ rsync -avHh --progress --stats --exclude Packages  \
             --exclude repodata --exclude repoview --exclude debug \
             --exclude drpms --exclude source \
             /mnt/koji/mash/branched-20100315/13/ \

#. Update the lng symlink

        $ ssh secondary1 ln -sfT branched-20100315 /srv/pub/alt/stage/branched-lng

#. Update the ticket when complete and close it.


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    FIXME - There was no verification section in the wiki

Consider Before Running

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    FIXME - There was no consider before running section in the wiki